Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vancouver Reveals Their New Logo

Just. Fucking. Terrible.

But, rumor has it this is going to be the new Toronto Maple Leafs jersey:

So far Boston has made a subtle logo change (but it looks good), Chicago's basically the same, and Detroit too, except their captain's 'C' is going below the right shoulder due to size/shape limtations of their logo with the new jersey. Original 6 teams should not monkey around with their colors/designs. They're great for a reason. I really have no attachment to the Leafs but I'd still feel upset if this disaster is true. That's be a worse idea than this:

You won't give me a logo at midfield, endzone graphics or even cheerleaders but you'll give me a gay mascot like looks like Bill Cowher? Screw you old man Rooney.

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