Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Consol Energy buys rights to new arena

It'll be new to call it the "Consol Energy Arena" or "Consol Energy Center", but then again it sure sounds like a better name for the Pens than the Sprint Center...


When the Penguins' new arena opens, it will have a new name. KDKA Investigator Andy Sheehan has learned that Consol Energy has won the naming rights.

The local coal and energy company is claiming more and more of a national and international spotlight.

Next week, the Penguins will announce the sale of the arena naming rights to Consol on a long term basis for at least several million dollars a year.

The Penguins aren't commenting, but in a similar deal, the New Jersey Devils sold naming rights to their arena to Prudential Insurance for $5 million a year.

Business is business, gotta do what you got to do. At least Consol Energy is a local company to Pittsburgh.

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The Peerless said...

Consolation Prize Center?

...sorry, it was there for the plucking.