Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Capitals Had Their Players Cold Call..

You know, it's hard being a season ticket holder in the NHL. You're shelling out thousands of dollars (that are propping up the whole league), you're sacrificing countless hours of your time going to and from and attending games, and it's still $7+ a beer.

So I could easily understand why you might be on the fence about not wanting to re-up; especially when your team is the Washington Capitals and you've won one playoff series in the past nine years, you might not be interesting in the commitments to shell out the big $$.

So Sweaty Ted busts out the big guns, his players. Especially hilarious is this recap from a fellow who got a voicemail (because he didn't pick up a repeated call from the Caps) from Native Son Milan Jurcina:

Through a heavy accent, and in an eerily robotic voice, Jurcina addressed me personally, pleaded with me to help him, uh…do something (bring up attendance at the Verizon Center?), and asked that I give my account representative a call.(Of course, he gave me the wrong representative’s name, but I’m not going to
hold that against the big guy.)

He then thanked me for my support and expressed his extreme enthusiasm for the upcoming season with a monotone “Go Caaahhhps.”

Mike Vogel, a MSM writer for the Caps said they got this idea from The Penguins recent efforts of having players deliver a couple of season tickets as a thank you to those that bought season tickets.

Having players do cold calling and basically beg folks to re-up their tickets is a little different than Sidney Crosby or Maxime Talbot showing up on your door with your tickets.

As always, Capitals fans and organization, the devil is in the details.

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