Tuesday, September 4, 2007

When you talk beasts, you talk James Harrison

James Harrison, about to ruin someone's life

This isn't Steelersblog, but with the season upcoming I couldn't resist. To write a blog about the next big thing in Steelers linebackers Mr. James Harrison.

I didn't first notice James Harrison when he body slammed a drunk Cleveland fan that ran onto the field (although incredibly cool). I noticed that #92 hustled and usually made almost every tackle on special teams, and if he got blocked or held their was usually a big return. To that point Harrison has been named special teams co-captain this year.

When the writing on the wall last season became apparent that Joey Porter would be released, I knew. I knew Harrison would fill in and everything would be ok. And it will.

Some of my favorite things about James Harrison:

  • He trusts no one. . Not his teammates. Not even his own mother.
  • "Harrison goes by several interesting nicknames in the Steelers locker room, including Silverback, which was bestowed on him by fellow linebacker Joey Porter. The reference is to the powerful Silverback gorilla, a dominating male who protects his troops."
  • Coaches assign being his roommate in training camp as punishment, because all he wants to do is wrestle
  • He's predicting an incredible 12 sacks this season, and doesn't care what you think about it
  • As a kid in a fight, he used a brick as a weapon
  • He had scholarships from The Ohio State and Nebraska, but it got pulled because in high school he took a BB gun and started shooting it at white kids. When Ohio State thinks you're crazy and too much of a risk, you are batshit insane.

It's hard to imagine the Steelers could replace Joey Porter with someone more colorful (read: crazy) and possibly just as good, but they have. Harrison's going to have to prove himself, he's going to be a lot shorter and smaller than left tackles, but he's so explosive, so strong and so mean, he's going to do it.

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