Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wake me up when September ends...

Preseason is winding down, hell Anaheim and LA are about to kick off the season in a matter of minutes over there in jolly old England. A couple quick hits about the Pens:

  • First and foremost, Sidney Crosby was electric last night. 2 goals, 1 assist and was flying around making things happen. He's clearly ready for the season.
  • Same can be said about the other young, uber-talented center Evgeni Malkin. He was flying around, making things happen, deking guys left and right and all over the place. Showing the flashes of brilliance himself. It's too bad he scored an apparant game-tying goal just after the clock hit 0:00.
  • Erik Christensen seems to be playing really strong. It's a long season, so who's knows what consistency and production he'll give, but for now, clearly he's earned a place on Malkin's wing.
  • Not so electric was Darryl Sydor, who's well, showing his age and didn't look particularly good. Some of the folks at Darwin's Waiting Room (aka message board) are calling for Sydor to be cut. Some of those folks wouldn't know what end of the hockey stick to put on the ice. Still, Sydor does need to be better, and I think he'll ratchet it up a little now that the games will count for real.
  • Didn't hear too much about Adam Hall. Is that a good thing for a player trying out? But then again, Hall's game is to be solid and kinda fade in, so maybe it is.
  • Someone mapquest directions to Wilkes-Barre for Kris Letang. Not every prospect can develop with some time in the minors (Ryan Whitney spent 3 years in college and 2 full seasons in the A) so it's not the end of the world.
  • Danny Sabourin looked good at times, but you can't give up 6 goals a game. A lot of observers question the Penguins goaltending situation, but I'm pretty comfortable with it right now.

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