Friday, November 2, 2007

Darius going back to the motherland

Well it's official, the New York Rangers have "loaned" Darius Kasparaitis to the Russian Super League team St. Petersburg. Russia will pick up what's left of his $3 million paycheck this year, and Rangers will get an empty roster spot in the AHL to develop a player instead of shielding an NHL caliber player and contract.

At 35, this might be the last North America sees of DK in a hockey jersey, who played a crucial role for the Penguins from 1996 to 2002, truly my formative hockey years.
So remember the good times, the smiles, the long blond hair flowing in the breeze as he skated and all those hits. The Kasparaitis Krunchers; both big hits and the pickles! Remember rocking Eric Lindros's world and all those times opponents hated him, and Game 7's OT winner stunning Dominik Hasek.
Kasparaitis gave a lot of great memories and put smiles on a lot of faces. The Sweater Ted wishes him luck in whatever comes next.

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