Monday, August 4, 2008

Breaking Radio Silence

We're pretty sure this past six day break has been the longest we've taken from this blog in almost 11 months. Apologies for the slowness but that sort of comes with the territory of the off-season, especially when your author is without not only material but internet access too (though that is changing tomorrow).

Seth at Empty Netters took an idea we were going to do later this summer and show you the longest continuously tenured Penguin.

Here he is:

Brooks Orpik, NHL (and Penguin) debut on 12/10/2002. There are only two other current Penguins--well three if you really want to count Kris Beech--that laced 'em up for Pittsburgh pre-lockout days. One you should be able guess initially (Marc-Andre Fleury) but the other? Mr. Reliable, Rob Scuderi.


Seth Rorabaugh said...

Sorry to steal your thunder Hooks...

Hooks Orpik said...

Nothing wrong with that on your part, Seth. I snooze, I lose.