Thursday, August 7, 2008

Self proclaimed Geek predicts big things for Pens

"JavaGeek" did some sort of statistical prediction and says a 13 point improvement is in store for the Penguins in 2008-09. Unfortunately, as Japers points out, his rosters aren't the most accurate--the Geekster still lists Colby Armstrong and Erik Christensen as Penguins--and we don't think it works that way.

Still, an interesting process. When the "Moneyball" craze hit baseball a couple of years ago we wondered if the spirit of the statistical theories applied to baseball could be used for hockey. As was highlighted on Kuklaskorner yesterday there are minds working on hockey-metrics to measure just this sort of thing to determine player value. To an extent, baseball is easier since every play begins the same way: batter steps in the box, pitcher delivers pitch. Hockey, being more free-flowing and more unstructured sport is a little more difficult to measure, we'd think. Still interesting stuff to dive into.

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