Thursday, August 14, 2008

The House that Mario's Building

"This is an exciting day for the Penguins and our region, and we will be proud to be the anchor tenant of this new multi-purpose facility,” said Lemieux. “We look forward to opening the NHL season here in October 2010.”

An exciting day for us all. And to think just 18 months ago it was all so uncertain: different interests between the city/county/state, residents, the team, and all it's many suitors, be they individuals or cities. Not to mention that on the ice, the team hadn't iced a playoff squad in almost six years. (though they were on their way).

It's been a whirlwind of change and progress for the Pittsburgh Penguins lately. Groundbreaking day is a celebratory day for the work already completed, but also a day that sees the bright hope of the future. Surely in few other places will that promise be as bright as it is right now for the Pens.

We're all experiencing the evolution, indeed.

So thanks Mario, thanks Ravenstahl, Onorato, Rendell and all the other nameless "forces that be" in politics that found a way to make it work. Thanks to that lucky lottery ball for Sidney, thanks Bettman for believing in Pittsburgh, thanks Burkle for throwing some of your financial muscle around and being patient. Thanks IoC folks (in light of recent events, maybe you should have won the casino license afterall).

And while we're at it, how about sending the old Mellon out with a better taste than having to see the other team skate the Cup. Surely the old Igloo deserves that much.

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