Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Layoff links

Doesn't it feel like forever since the Penguins have played? There's not much going on, so here's a link-dump for you guys, in case you haven't already seen it be sure to check this stuff out.

--If you're not reading Wilkes-Barre/Scranton defenseman Ben Lovejoy's blog, you're missing out. He usually updates it about once a week or so, and it's a riot. His latest entry about all the birds in Texas and a farting stranger on an airplane is solid stuff. It's interesting to see a candid first person look at a professional athlete away from the ice and Lovejoy's humorous musings are refreshing.

--We also can't imagine how Puck Daddy isn't must read for any hockey fan either about 5-10 times a day. Don't miss the comments on bargain enforcers list where--brace yourself--we actually have something complimentary to say not only about a Flyer, but a dimwitted, numb skull Flyer. (YIKES!)

--Crosby vs. Semin update: no update, at least nothing from Sid. What you expected him to respond? Crosby (already with 21 points in 12 games vs. Washington) will do his talking on the ice, of course.

--Going Five Hole has a good debate laid out for the values of Marian Gaborik versus Jordan Staal...Our thoughts? It'd be pretty tough for Gaborik to reproduce the performance that the "other" Marian did last spring, and Staal is still only 20, we'd pass for now but the Pens will need to add a skill winger at some point, just having Petr Sykora and Miroslav Satan isn't going to cut it.....

--Sticking with the player versus player angle, Bombulie makes a case on Chris Minard vs. Janne Pesonen and shows that while Pesonen is probably the better player, Minard's been playing well against better competition for longer.

--When we were younger, Steelers scat back Amos Zereoue used to be among our favorite players...Probably in large part because it's fun to say "Zereoue". PSaMP has a report about catching up with Famous Amos.

--The Surburban Rob Rossis have a cool comparison of new Penguins and how their old counter-parts are fairing in new cities, so far the new guys are 5 for 7 and even though Marian Hossa is clearly outperforming Satan, Miro's half the price and carrying his end of the deal so far.

--This is yesterday's news, but over at James Mirtle's new digs he had a nice feature on unrestricted free agents that haven't found teams yet. Somewhat sadly, you'd have to think it's curtains for most of those old boys at this point.

--Finally, over in Capital land, Japers Rink couldn't help themselves and would probably take any excuse to have a Sidney Crosby shirtless picture up. Crosby's probably the page-views equivalent of a male Erin Andrews. We enjoy it a lot more when JP does put up Andrews, or better yet Carrie Milbank.

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