Thursday, November 13, 2008

TST Field Trip Update

A week from this time we'll be taking a mini-vacation and going to Atlanta. And if we knew what Puck Daddy taught us yesterday, maybe we wouldn't miss any Pens games there..

Atlanta Thrashers/Hawks: Fans attending Atlanta Thrashers/Hawks games at
Phillips Arena can purchase 64 oz. adult beverages for approximately $8 in the food court area of the adjoining CNN Center.

Yesss. We can only hope this isn't like the mythical $4.50 beer in our usual neck of the woods.

Also, in time for the field trip, we wanted to get one of those purdy new, blue delievered, but they made a serious error, putting a Captains "C" on an Orpik 44 jersey where the alternate's A was requested. Someone else's order slip (for two t-shirts) also ended up in the box. Is it even worth calling in? We'll probably just perform some surgery and try to remove it.

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fed said...

My wife ordered me a couple things from that were messed up as well. The Pens 10 Greatest Games DVD set, had no Games 7-8 case and two Games 5-6 cases, luckily the discs were right. She also got two Malkin t-shirts - one for me and one for my son. The gold on mine is almost white, which wouldn't be as noticeable if not for my son's shirt. Bang up job they do there at the Shop.