Monday, October 1, 2007

Pens cut 5 more, down to 22

Mild surprises and some things you could see from a mile away. Ryan Stone, Jon Filewich were sent down (more on this later) and 20 year old Kris Letang will be spending some time on the buses as well. Adam Hall conveyed his strong training camp into a one year contract (but it is a two-way salary!).

Mike Weaver, who's grown on this editor and was proclaimed to be on the roster in Pittsburgh was sent down. Rob Scuderi and Alain Nasreddine remain the #6 and #7 NHL defensemen, and my blood pressure remains through the roof.....

Or does it?! The Penguins roster is now at 22 players (13 forwards, 7 def, 2 goalies), one short of the permitted maximum. It's likely Mr. Shero has given himself a little wiggle room in case a player he likes gets waived by another team.

Pittsburgh's opening night roster isn't written in stone just yet, but it has taken quite a shape:


or, if they swap Jordan Staal back to the wing the lineup should look something like:


"More at 11" as they say....We'll have to see who if anyone Shero attempts to acquire through trade or the waiver wire in the next day or so.

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