Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another sign of the Patrick era fades away

Kudos to TST friend Seth at Empty Netters for pointing out a couple of Penguins who have apparently switched numbers, according to the team website. Nothing too earth shattering-- Donald Brashear isn't going to be the best #87 in the league next year-- but we did notice something of vague interest.

Alex Goligoski, who wore the absurd number 67 for Pittsburgh last season has apparently made the switch to the more reasonable #13. Nothing too eyebrow raising, right?

Well hold up, former GM Craig Patrick--a notoriously superstitious man--banned all of his players from taking the supposedly unlucky number 13. In fact, over the years only two players have ever donned #13 for the Penguins. Good trivia question, no cheating, name them (answer at bottom of the post).

Now Goligoski, ironically a good find in the second round by Patrick and his scouts, now is looking like he might be the first Penguin to wear the number CP so despised, if Golly can make the team.

So unlike most hockey players, it's probably safe to say Golly isn't that superstitious by his choice of number. Especially since he's already contending with the vaunted curse of Greg Malone and all.

(The answer to the trivia question is Jim Hamilton and Charlie Simmer are the others)

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