Monday, September 15, 2008

If no one reports a prospect camp, does it really happen

The Pens have some prospects up in Kitchner Ontario for a four team round robin tournament. It's not really been that heavily reported. About the best place for news on the interwebs will be Jonathan Bombulie's WB/S Insider. The next gen-Pens (who won the tourny last year) won their first game over Toronto 5-2 but then dropped a 5-2 contest to Florida's prospects yesterday.

After that tourney wraps up, the vets are due to report by tomorrow for physcials and off-ice meetings and then Wednesday the whole she-bang starts up again with on ice practices and scrimmages.

It really seems like only yesterday that we had to endure Nikky Lidstrom raising the Cup in the Mellon. Like the boys over at the blog, we feel worn out now. The off-season is supposed to be a time for rejuvenation but for us it seemed too short, too unfufilled. We just type some words, imagine what the players must feel!

But it will all come to an end soon, with the zambonification of the ice and the pucks getting thrown out. Our favorite thing to do anyways is recap games, give analysis and point out things our 20+ years playing/watching/living hockey has taught. And it's rapidly that time.

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