Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sidney still can't escape the "youngest" tag

...In addition to all the other firsts such as: youngest to win the Art Ross, Hart, Pearson, be named a NHL captain, win the Prince of Wales trophy (as captain), get to 100 and 200 points and be voted to an All-Star game, news of another honor for Sidney Crosby, and it's still coming with the "youngest" tag..

NHL star Sidney Crosby leads the list of Nova Scotians honoured [sic] Thursday with the Order of Nova Scotia.

Crosby, who recently turned 21, is the youngest person to receive the award which recognizes those who've made "significant contributions to the province and the country."
Another reminder that for as much as Crosby has earned, won and experienced, he's still a very, very young man with so many good years left it's scary.

Hat-tip to Kuklas for the link

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