Friday, September 5, 2008

Goalies think Marc-Andre Fleury is ridiculously good looking

It's a Zoolander reference, people....Anyways, it's a copycat world, so perhaps it should be no surprise that all three Boston goalies are wearing white leg pads....It's almost as if you play your last 33 games (20 in the playoffs) and put up a 24-8-1 record along with a 1.77 GAA, a .939 save percentage and 5 shutouts that your peers might take notice and try to copy your style in any way they can..

Thomas, following the trend started by Pittsburgh's Marc-Andre Fleury, has ditched his yellow pads and gone to white.

"Decided to give it a try," said Thomas.

Thomas, Manny Fernandez, and Tuukka Rask are now all wearing white pads.

So wait a minute, they think the picture at left is a little more modest and could blend in a little more to a white net (and back boards) than this?

If goalies start tripping into the rink every night, we'll declare this Fleury copying fad has gone too far.

Link to story credit to kuklaskorner


Ok, it's not THAT sexy, but Detroit writer George Malik reported on kuklas that Vancouver's Roberto Luongo and Anaheim's JS Giguere where also sporting white pads at a recent goalie camp.

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