Friday, December 7, 2007

Fleury "day-to-day"

Marc-Andre Fleury's ankle x-ray were negative (which is actually a positive) and sportsnet is calling him "Day-to-day".

Still, he's probably not going to be dressed tomorrow night, as according to Wilkes-Barre beat writer Jonathan Bombule, veteran Ty Conklin has been called up.

The team isn't going to send Conklin cross-country and take him away from the AHL club if they didn't need him to dress for a game.

As I've mentioned in the past, not having goaltender depth isn't an issue, unless your guy gets hurt or struggles. Teams cling to their #1 guy nowadays in the NHL, and under the salary cap you won't, for long, have anything much more than a serviceable #2 guy.

Conklin, while not a great goalie, is at least a guy who's been around the block and, at times, can be a capable NHL level goaltender. He's not a player you want to see on the NHL roster for very long though.

All in all, the Penguins seem to have dodged a bullet with this. It seems Fleury just rolled or sprained his ankle a little and didn't do any serious damage. But, as some have found out, even though an ankle sprain may be a relatively tame injury; it can have quite a bite, especially if player returns to action before fully recovering.

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