Saturday, December 1, 2007

Good time for Toronto

Tonight the Penguins are in Toronto, and there's much anguish and turmoil for the Maple Leafs these days.

Important stat for the game:
  • Toronto has given up 92 goals so far this season, by far the most in the Eastern Conference (Atlanta is 2nd worst with 82 GA).
  • The Penguins are averaging 5 goals a game in the past three games.

This one could be a rout. The key is totally starting fast. Put a little pressure on the Leafs by grabbing a quick goal early and their fickle and frustrated crowd will turn against them in a heartbeat. From there, the floodgates will open.

Official prediction: Jordan Staal's moving his legs really well and creating chances....I predict this will be the night he breaks through on the scoring sheet in a big way. He always seems to thrive in games IN Toronto (like his hat trick last season, also a Hockey Night in Canada event).

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