Monday, December 10, 2007

Sidney Crosby, City by City

Credit to one of the most solid bloggers and data analysts out there, James Mirtle for this. He noticed that Sidney has now, finally, played in all 30 NHL cities, despite being in the NHL for 26 months and 189 games.

The chart didn't copy/paste well, so in the interests of me being lazy and not smart enough to format it better you're going to have to use the link to see it.

However, in conclusion, here's the broadest possible look-sie:

In Pittsburgh:
94 games, 140 points (47g, 93a), a +/- of +11, 92 PIMs and 316 shots on goal

All else combined road games:
94 games, 122 points (42g, 80a)+5, 102 PIMs, 301 shots on goal.

Remarkably similiar, but an edge at home. Without seeing any further stats, it's easy to tell where Sidney and the Penguins have been racking up the powerplay points.

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