Saturday, December 29, 2007

A win but a loss

This fuckin sucks....

All you need to know:

As [Buffalo forward Tim ]Connolly fell in the left circle in Buffalo's end, the 41-year-old [badass Gary] Roberts went down with him and struck his left leg hard on the ice, breaking his fibula.

A stretcher was brought out but Roberts did not use it.

Did you really expect him to?
Otherwise, a solid 2-0 win. Crosby with 2 assists, Colby and Geno tack on the goals and Ty freakin Conklin has, somehow, inspired conifidence with a shutout.

But at a moment like this, the upcoming weeks/months of not having a veteran warrior like Roberts in the lineup is going to be a challenge. Younger, physical players with experience like Ryan Malone, Colby Armstrong and even Brooks Orpik are going to have to step up and be physical....And in a big way.

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