Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gee, it's like he's one of our 6 readers

“I think blogs are dedicated to cruelty, they’re dedicated to dishonesty, they’re dedicated to speed,” Bissinger said.

Get bent, Buzz Bissinger.



1) Who is Bissinger? Sounds like that person had their feelings hurt. Let's have a collective... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
2) As we have been writing, blogs by and large do a BETTER job at news coverage than their mainstream counterparts. At least with blogs you know going in what their allegiances(if any) are going in.
3) This person should ask Sean Avery what he thinks of the Daily News reporter, not a blogger, that said his life style was the reason for his emergency hospitalization the other night.

Doc Nagel said...

Working journalists have dismissed every challenge to their self-proclaimed professionalism since Hunter S. Thompson wrote Hell's Angels. The differences between a blog and recognized journalism are: (1) official press releases are more likely to be the source for recognized journalism; i.e., unofficial journalists have to find their own sources or rely on [gasp!] their own experience; (2) most bloggers aren't paid by a corporation to defend the corporation's interests in print; (3) bloggers aren't beholden to a totally abstract, ideological, utterly meaningless ethical principle of objectivity.

Blogs are the direction journalism is going to go, at least until they are bought up, bought off, and bought out. Meanwhile, good times.

Go Pens.

For that matter, go Habs.

The Peerless said...

Blogs are not unlike mainstream press in one important respect. There are some very well written, well delivered blogs. There are some that make one weep for civilization.

There are some very, very good journalists in the mainstream press who report in a thoughtful, even-handed manner. There is also Buzz Bissinger.

Hooks Orpik said...

Faux: Bissinger appeared on Bob Costas' HBO series "Costas Now" and basically had a little hissy fit at Deadspin's Will Leitch.

Bissinger reacted by lashing out, like a scared, wounded animal. No doubt how people now access news and information is changing in the world today.

Things are more raw, more immediate and more voices are chiming in.

I think what Bissinger and some other MSM'ers don't quite understand is just because some places (like Deadspin or With Leather) are vulgar, show images of women/athletes that a newspaper wouldn't dream of; that's not what gives them credibility or power around the internet. Rather, it's the topics they discuss (often quicker than ESPN or newspapers) and the relevancy of which they present it.

Obviously it's the consumer of information's choice as to what blogs or traditional methods they get their news and insight from. That new voices are challenging the conventional methods is probably Bissinger and the likes biggest concerns.

Some newspapers (like Tarik El-Bashir at the WaPo or the Pittsbugh Post-Gazette's online features) have transitioned well; offering a lot of content (like online chats, mailbags, breaking news updated during the day, and, gasp, blogs!). Other dinosaurs like Bissinger are getting left in the dust.