Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Prince of Wales

Like we said, it hasn't dawned on us yet that the Penguins are the 2008 Eastern Conference Champions. They're just winning big games, doing what they're supposed to do and getting the job done.
But it's not over yet. One more round to go.

Sidney Crosby didn't touch the trophy, ever since the tradition seemed to start with the mid-90s Devils not wanting to touch it with the idea being that the Stanley Cup is more important.

But, as it goes, Mario Lemieux picked up that trophy twice and it didn't stop him. We would have loved if the Pens clinched in Philadelphia and let Georges Laraque and Jarkko Ruutu skate the trophy all the way around the ice, just to taunt those fans even more.

But we guess we can settle for 6-0.

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1) Based upon his performance AND as important, the results, we'd say the Hossa trade was a huge success!
2) We were skeptical when the deal was made, but regardless of what (if anything) the Thrashers do with the pick/Angela Esposito it doesn't matter. The rent had to be paid, but at least it has paid dividends.