Friday, May 23, 2008

Series Preview

We don't know about you esteemed blog reader, but we're about sick of reading previews around the web. By this point we all know Detroit has the experience, puck possession and a guy named Nick Lidstrom. The Penguins will counter with size, youth and skill.

Who knows what will happen. Neither team has ever been behind in a series, which won't be the case after Game 1. This, combined with the seemingly even nature of the two clubs, lead most to believe that it will be at least a six game.

In the end, as always, the Cup will come down to execution and desire. We'll see who wants it more, who puts themselves in a position to succeed and then actually makes it happen.

Anyways, you know where we're going with this...

Pens in 5

That's right, 5.

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