Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jinxes, no....Arrogance, yes

Popular website Kuklaskorner had this post to say:

I’m not into the jinx thing. I believe the Wings are so dominant that no amount of stupidity on my part can possibly stop them tonite [sic]. Because I believe that, I bring you this.

"The Pittsburgh Penguins are 11-1 in the playoffs, and I’ll be surprised if they win three more games. That’s how well the Detroit Red Wings are playing."

Read more from Orland Kurtenblog. Find out why this thing’s over tonite [sic], and the next one won’t take too damn long either.

To an extent about his opening, we agree. We're not much on thinking fans words, thoughts or actions really have any outcome on a game. The Penguins would have won last night had we worn or not worn our lucky shirt. They lost to the Rangers when we did wear it.

But there is a difference in superstitions and being conceited. Red Wings' fans, generally speaking, are acting pretty arrogant and pompous. It's not hard to, given the unmatched success their team has had over the past 15 years or so. And immediately in winning nine straight games. Hell, someone could look over this blog in the past couple weeks and probably see no shortage over-confident statements bordering on arrogance. To this point, neither the Wings nor the Pens have let their big mouth fans down yet. Soon enough, it seems, the immovable object will meet the irresistible force.

It'll be fun to watch what their large presence in Blogfrica will churn out. Sure it's not going to jinx the players on the ice, but it sure is going to be fun to re-hash if the outcome isn't what they're so certain about.

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