Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anne Hathaway's ex-boyfriend took Pens owner for a ride

From the New York Post:

The handsome Italian's audacious scheme also allegedly involved hiring a nephew of the Vatican's ex-secretary of state and paying Catholic monsignors to dress in clerical garb of a higher rank to con people into believing he had the ear of top church leaders.

The federal criminal case against Follieri echoes claims made by his highest-profile alleged victim, billionaire California investor and Clinton buddy Ron Burkle.

Burkle filed a civil lawsuit against Follieri that was settled earlier this year.

Prosecutors suggested that the suave, sweet-talking Follieri may have stolen up to $6 million - mostly in funds Burkle had invested with him in a business venture to buy Catholic Church properties.

And we thought the worst thing that could happen to Burkle's money was if sweet-talking agents tried to take him on a ride!

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JP said...

A stretch, but bravo for pulling it off.