Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hold your sides, it's time to laugh

Malkin Rumours [sic] continue to surface as talk is that he is looking for a HUGE deal in the area of 10 years 100 million. I would be careful to buy into these rumours [sic]...but I do know that every team out there would put a bid in on a player who may be the best in the world someday. I don't see him be moved by the draft. One rumour has him going to the LA Kings for a MAJOR package of players. Another has him going to Toronto. A third, going to Dallas. While I hate to dismiss rumours [sic] ever, I think we need to see where this is going first with his contract.

There's a reason no self-respecting blog ever mentions the name of Eklund, but this is just too good to pass up. (Quoted emphasis ours).

Point one: We can at least kind of see the logic in "Whoa there" Pierre McGuire spouting off talking about Malkin getting traded to the Kings. At least with young players like Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, Alex Frolov and Jack Johnson (plus the second pick in the draft) the Kings could--if they wanted to--throw enough talent in the direction of the Pens to draw interest. But hockey is a team sport. Say Malkin got a high ankle sprain like Sidney Crosby did this season...They'd be screwed.

But Dallas or Toronto? Toronto? What in the world would they have to offer? Nothing. Absolutely nothing of interest (no offense, Dallas).

Point two: As the terms of the collective bargaining agreement go, Pittsburgh is not even allowed to talk extension with Malkin (or Jordan Staal) until July 1. Rumors of Malkin already wanting out are putting the horse way before the buggy.

Point three: No one--aside of Malkin and his agent-- knows what he wants. Malkin said, on record, that he liked the money per year Alex Ovechkin got (and who wouldn't) but that Gino didn't like the length. And there's nothing to fault in that...If the salary cap continues to rise, as it has every year, AO left a lot of money on the table compared to what he could have received. Not that there's anything wrong with what he signed, after all the man is guaranteed $124 million over the next 13 years and that's more than anyone else in the sport of hockey (or 99.9% of the general population) can hang their hat on.

Who's to say Malkin wouldn't extend for $8 million, $8.7 million, $9 million or $10 million? And would he sign on for 3, 4, 5 or 6 more years? The point is, no one really knows right now. If Malkin wanted $24 for three, he'd get it. If he wanted $34 for four, he'd probably get it. If he wanted $45 for five, he'd probably get it. The elite stars of this league basically write their own contracts. It's what Ovechkin did by adding on the final seven or eight year on a whim at the las minute and it's what Crosby did by getting his average up to $8.7 million per year. That's the way it works.

And, even if Malkin signed 10 years, $100 million and the Pens wanted/needed to trade him (or he requested it) in three or four years, would that dissuade a suitor from getting a guy who's still very young and would be arguably the best offensive player in the game? Doubt it. But then again it's doubtful this situation ever makes it out of hypothetical.

Of course, if Calgary calls up and offers Dion Phaneuf, Jarome Iginla and a host of first round picks, we'd help Malkin pack his bags for the Northwest. No one is untouchable, to be sure. But why in the world would Calgary (or anyone else with the value to pull the trigger) make such the disproportionate deal in favor of the Pens to make it happen?

In conclusion, Eklund is an idiot and anyone who thinks that Malkin is interested in playing away from Pittsburgh, his buddy Sergei Gonchar and even further outside of his North American comfort zone next year and the years to come is probably smoking something you'd get in trouble for selling on the streets.

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