Thursday, June 5, 2008

Time's moving on..

...But we're not yet. Maybe once the Stanley Cup is off the news cycle and things die down a little we'll deal with how we're feeling. But right now it's just a crushed disappointment. We're not going to post a lockeroom picture all summer long like the Pensblog will because we don't need (or want) a reminder of how it is to feel this way..

Time will move on though. The NHL entry draft is in two weeks and a day. Free agency will begin in less than four weeks. Before you know it we'll have training camp in September and a new roller-coaster to hop on. Speaking of the draft, it's a good thing the Pens only have a 4th round pick, we don't know much about the prospects this season. Usually we do a mock draft and are fimiliar with most the first round selections, but between being wrapped up in a playoff run plus trading off all the picks, we've got nothing this year.

If you think this post was just to move the previous one down the page a little, to start moving on and removing ourselves from this feeling....Well, you're right. We have a follow up to this well-received post in the works and a weekend of relaxation ahead.


Doc Nagel said...

I just want to say thanks for writing about the Pens. There's little intelligent or insightful commentary in mainstream sports media, so I really appreciate the handful of good Penguins writers. Here's to a great season.

JP said...

I'd like to echo that - congrats to the Pens, but also to you, Hooks, for a job very well done.


1) Any conformation that Malkin was playing with broken ribs? It would make sense as his effectiveness waned significantly, and he seemed to shy away from any physicality after the Flyer series.
2) Also find it fascinating how many folks are quickly jumping off the Crosby bandwagon. Some blogs( are already proclaiming that Crosby may be a very good player but he won't be among the elite when all is said and done.
3) While we at FAUXRUMORS never climbed aboard the Crosby bandwagon, there is no denying what he has accomplished at such a young age. Many of these folks tend to forget he has played 3 NHL seasons, yet is only 20. We were hard pressed to find any player not named Wayne Gretzky who accomplished more by this age.

Hooks Orpik said...

Thanks for the kind words doc and JP.

Faux, I've unofficially heard several whispers that Malkin had a significant rib injury (most likely from Mike Richards plastering him into the boards). He also had the flu and kept almost no food down during the first 3 games of the Red Wing series. Obviously that will take a lot of the jump out of your step.