Friday, June 13, 2008

Uhh, what games are these guys watching?

The good doctor Mirtle had the details of the professional hockey writers association (PWHA) votes for the NHL All-Star Team that they name...Guys at the top of the list who deserved to be their (Ovechkin, Malkin, Iginla, Lidstrom) are obviously all there.

But go down a little bit and it gets goofy.

Sidney Crosby gets a 2nd place vote as a right winger? Crosby's never taken a shift at ring wing in his NHL career. Someone out there gave a 2nd place vote to Wade Redden (maybe they didn't know they're supposed to be ranking them from the top) and others gave 3rd place votes to Jassen Cullimore, Joe Corvo and Robyn Regehr. Dany Heatley (a left wing) got a couple votes for right wing and his linemate Daniel Alfredsson (a right wing) got some votes for playing left wing. Up is down and left is right!

We understand these guys aren't choosing a Pope or nominating Supreme Court Justices but geez take a little pride in knowing the sport, eh boys.

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