Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't blame anyone

Don't blame Malone

Malone made that obvious by issuing statements Tuesday to The Trib ("We will not talk to anyone until July 1") and the Columbus Dispatch ("I don't want any team I go to to give up a possible teammate"), seemingly torpedoing any chance the Pens had to deal his pre-free agency negotiating rights for a draft pick or a player or both.

Translation: I'd rather screw the Penguins than the Blue Jackets.

Malone isn't screwing anyone. Any deal the Pens would have made for his negotiating rights would have surely been contigent on the team acquiring him signing him to a long-term contract. Malone's well within his right's to wait until July 1 to field all offers. He's this close, he might as well go all the way to let a possible 30 teams bid on his services instead of negotiating with just one.

Further, hundreds of players are about to become free agents. Sure their are special situations where an impending free agent like Vincent Prospal getting dealt, but for the most part they all go into the UFA market with no return to their team. Malone is no different, and he shouldn't be faulted for that.

For anyone to suggest more is foolish.

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1) I our opinion it seems that trading for the ‘right’ to negotiate with a potential UFA seems odd/silly. It is basically payment to have the first crack at talking with a UFA a couple of weeks before anyone else.
2) Besides, we wonder if teams have ‘informal’ negotiations with UFA’s before July 1st anyway. Look at last year; teams had signed contracts for UFA’s a few hours after it was legal to start to talk. Clearly the ground work for a deal started before July 1st!
3) Having said that, we wouldn’t trade more than a 7th rounder for that opportunity. Most draft picks these days in the 30 team league beyond the 5th round are throw aways anyway, so giving up a 7th round pick is virtually nothing
4) The numbers we're reading for malone 5-6 mil, are insane. The guys a 25/50 point guy. A good 2nd/3rd line forward. We wouldn't expend that kind of cap space/payroll for him. There have to be cheaper alternatives