Friday, October 31, 2008

Anything but piping...

The Penguins will unveil their new 3rd jersey on Wednesday. It'll look a lot like the winter classic sweater, but hold the phone there's gonna be PIPING?! Gross, but we'll wait and see for final judgement.

If we were running the ship the 3rd jersey would kind of be like Notre Dame's green jersey: the blue only comes out for special occasions (like a weekend afternoon game against the Flyers) and it's done so rarely and in an unannounced fashion. Since away teams wear their white jerseys on the road anyways this won't be any confliction.

In our time the Penguins have always worn the black-and-gold so it is exciting to see them make this partial change, even if it is just largely a money grab....We'll probably order one up for sure, provided the piping doesn't ruin the classic look.

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