Saturday, October 11, 2008

Questions for the home opener

Thoughts running through our head as the Devils come to Pittsburgh for what sure feels like it should be Game 1, but is in fact Game 3...

  • What will Sidney Crosby have up his sleeve for tonight's personal special game? (Tonight is the first time both his grandmothers will travel to see him play an NHL game in person)
  • Will this be the game that Miroslav Satan-- 0 goals, 1 assist and just 2 shots on goal-- breaks through? If Satan comes through versus the Devils, we'll give in to temptation (gah!) and use a New York Post-esque headline for our game recap.
  • Is the power-play going to look more powerful back on American soil? 1 for 14 isn't going to cut it.
  • How much longer is Rob Scuderi going to have as many goals as Evgeni Malkin?
  • Does Bill Thomas get the start (or scratch) in his first chance to play in front of where he grew up?
  • The last two times Pittsburgh played New Jersey back in March the results were a 2-0 win and a 7-1 spanking, both in favor of Sid's Kids. Can they hold that pressure up?
  • If Biz Nasty gets a sweater tonight will this be his first fight? We think so. New Jersey doesn't have that many guys that regularly throw-down, but between David "Kelly" Clarkson, Bryce Salvador and Mike Rupp there ought to be someone to agitate.
  • In another match up against a guy that was his idol, will Marc-Andre Fleury out duel Martin Brodeur again? Fleury's 4-7-1 (since 2005-06) against Brodeur but MAF only allowed 8 goals in four match ups against Marty last season. That number looks a lot better too if you consider that Fleury yielded five of those goals in a single game.

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JP said...

I've got one more question to add... is this the year?