Thursday, October 16, 2008

Biz Nasty wins the fight, the Caps win the battle

Credit to you Caps, coming back from being 3-1 after two and totally out of the game. The Caps won tonight and deserved to even though they only won 20 minutes. That's it and that's all. Carrying 40 minutes of play doesn't matter if you can't finish and that's what matters.

But still, watching Biz Nasty unequivocally jack up Matt Bradley is still awesome.....Hey, it's October, right? Plus Evgeni Malkin (3 points) and Sidney Crosby (2 points) sure did outscore that Alex Ovechkin (0 points)? Small consolation though. Both teams will live to see another day. It's only October, after all.


DMG said...

I feel like Marc-Andre Fleury's got to be the most irritated guy in the locker room. He's was solid for the most of the night and I thought his positioning and form were great. But on three of the Capitals' four goals he just got hung out to dry.

Anonymous said...

It's only October. As a fellow Pens fan in the DC/MD/VA area we all have seen "The best" Caps teams do awesome in the regular season. Besides Gonchar and Whitney would have made a difference in that game

-Greg in Frederick MD

Hooks Orpik said...

@ DMG - I don't think Fleury feels any worse than after a 47 save effort last Sat. night and the 1 goal of support he got then.

@ Greg- I think the Caps can play better than they did last night. But the Penguins definitely need to be better. Guys like Staal and Letang have to be better. Fedotenko hasn't contributed. It's going to have to be more than just the Malkin/Crosby show.