Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Big deal, he breaks your face. Get it fixed."

Good story from the Canadian press about most entertaining fighters (to which there were many responses) and who is the most feared...To which there was just one..

Jarome Iginla:

"I wouldn't want to get caught in a line brawl with him."

Chris Neil:

"He's probably the toughest in the league. He's strong, he's powerful. It's one of those things where you watch his fights, meanwhile, when he's out there on the ice, he's coming after you, so you've got to be aware."

And the Penguins own, Paul Bissonnette:

"I'm not really afraid of anyone, but if I were to fight him, I'd probably be shaking going in. That's just the respect you have for him and what you've seen him do in the past. If I want to play in this league, that's going to be my job and obviously I'd have to do it, that's life. Big deal, he breaks your face. Get it fixed."

The man they're talking about, of course is this man (note: not Donald Brashear):

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