Friday, October 17, 2008

Bradley vs. Bissonnette

While Matt Bradley's participation in this fight as being heralded as a cult hero in some places, we have to imagine this highlight isn't going to make any Caps montages or highlight reels. And while you do tip a hat to Bradley's courage to drop with a bigger, stronger, young, better fighter, you can still question the results. Heart and desire will only get you so far (in the locker-room for stitches, in this case). And it was admirable that Bradley returned to the ice but hey it's hockey, where uncommon occurrences of playing through pain are, well, common.

We wonder what will happen when Caps enforcer Donald Brashear is back in the lineup for the next Pens/Caps game…Will he go after the youngster Bissonnette or stick to his more traditional heavyweight dancing partner of Eric Godard.

Do this to someone on the street and they will take you to jail, kids..


JP said...

Heart and desire will only get you so far (in the locker-room for stitches, in this case)

It also helped get his team into the win column, as the bout was credited with giving the Caps a spark.

But yeah, "A" for effort, stitches for results.

Btw, haven't seen you around The Rink today, Hooks. How come? ;)

Hooks Orpik said...

TBH I think the team was rallying around Brads by saying his fight gave them a spark after the game was over. I've never been encouraged by seeing a teammate get destroyed, usually that gets a headshake and a unhappy chuckle.

After all, Flash scored the goal right before the fight and then the Caps didn't score again the 15 minutes in the 2nd period...It didn't immediately change the momentum or spark anything, if you ask me, but it sure does make for a nice soundbite.

Heh, I am letting you guys have your day. Best to let you savor a victory over the Pens seeing how few and far between they tend to be.