Friday, October 17, 2008

Crosby gets a stud new winger...

And he's fimiliar too, per the PG here was today's lines:

Biz Nasty-Thomas-Godard

(Zigomanis out with minor, unspecified injury)

We think this is an idea worth trying for many reasons:

  • It gives some life for Crosby and Malkin...The best players love playing with each other, they're on the same wave length that others don't understand out there.
  • Jordan Staal has been far too quiet this season, and moving him back to the center may well be a good idea. It helps the next opponent is Toronto. In his brief career Staal has 5 goals, 2 assists and 28 shots on goal against the Maple Leafs in eight games. It's definitely one of his favorite teams to play.
  • That 3rd line could be a great one. Petr Sykora cut his teeth for too long last year on the 3rd line before Coach T trusted him and it looks like this will be Miroslav Satan's fate as well. That and it would be over-kill to play him on Sykora's line.

It can't be bad to try. This team needs to create at 5 on 5. The Pens doing well enough to make the other team take penalties (and then make them pay) but they need to bury some chances to get the confidence up and then we'll be rolling. There's no better way for a shot in the arm then to try Geno up on the top line.

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