Monday, March 3, 2008

1st Star of February

It won't be a surprise..

Malkin was awarded First Star honors after leading all NHL scorers during the month with 26 points (nine goals, 17 assists) in 14 games as the Penguins posted an 8-3-3 record. Malkin recorded points in 11 of the 14 contests, including nine multiple-point performances. The dynamic center currently leads the NHL in scoring with 88 points in 67 games



1) So when will the whispers of who got the better player in the 2004 draft begin? Geez EM is in only his second year and looks to have improved in each month he's played in the league!
2) Ofcourse the Yang to that Yin is this will allow his agent to point to Ovechkin's contract as a starting point next spring.

The Peerless said...

(2) No it won't. The Penguins are Crosby's team until the sun goes dark or he moves to another city. I imagine there will be "The Crosby Rule" as it applies to who gets what, meaning no one gets more than Sid.

Otherwise, it might be perceived that 87 was pretty foolish having given the hometown discount.

And that's also why (1) doesn't (yet) hold water. Ovechkin is the Caps and has been since he took his first shift in 2005. Malkin has been doing this for just a couple of months...a fine couple of months to be sure, but he's not yet in danger of much of that 1/1A draft pick talk.

Hooks Orpik said...

It's going to be interesting, Peerless. I don't think the Penguins are going to set, in stone, that they won't pay Malkin more than $8.7 million. We'll have to see how it will play out. Speculation now isn't going to be worth much.

And I would say Ovechkin/Malkin are 1/1A draft picks....Look at players drafted a couple years before/after Malkin. With the exception of Crosby, Malkin would go #1 over them all (2002: Nash, 2003: Fleury, 2006: Johnson, 2007: Kane). So I think you can consider Malkin a 1A without disrespecting the magnitude that Ovechkin deserves.

The Peerless said...

Is Toni Lydman giving Malkin a peck on the cheek in congratulations?