Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A chance to learn

Now that we're about to buckle down for a playoff run, a loss like tonight can go a long ways to putting things back in perspective.

  • If we had written a game preview, you can bet it would be mentioned the Rangers has lost their last two games and were sure to try and come out the gates as strong as possible. They did and took a 2-0 lead after the first period.
  • Terrible rebound by Ty Conklin on that 2nd goal. For all Conkblock did for the Pens season, this might have been the death knell. Marc-Andre Fleury has been extremely solid since his return from injury and this game has opened the door for him to take the reigns and not look back.
  • What a mistake by Ryan Whitney on what ended up being the game-winner for NYR. But, may we point out to the sizeable contingent of Penguin fan Whitney haters; if he doesn't make that pass to Jarkko Ruutu the first goal never happens. Gotta take the good with the bad.
  • Pascal Dupuis is a solid player. He does all the little things right. For being an after-thought in the Marian Hossa trade, he's going to be an important player for the Penguins. We could see him scoring a goal of huge consquence come playoff time.
  • How many goals has Jordan Staal scored against the Rangers? We'll have to try to do research on this later. It seems like J-Staal has feasted on NYR his whole career, particularly in Madison Square Garden.
  • Again, this was just one game out of 82. Quick game against Tampa Bay and then the Pens start the division sprint which will settle everything. Two games against New Jersey in less than a week will be so crucial. That's why Sidney Crosby is out now. But if the Penguins play as sloppy and make as many team mistakes, it won't matter much.


JP said...

How many goals has Jordan Staal scored against the Rangers?

Four in 14 games. Not quite the feast he's enjoyed against the Leafs, but a decent meal nonetheless.

Hooks Orpik said...

cool lookup, JP.

I guess I would have figured he had more than 4 in 14, all of them seem very memorable for some reason, perhaps because they were last season.