Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hollywood to finish what they started


The two main characters in the script are Penguins fans, and the lead actors will be attending the game in Penguins gear for crowd shots with actual hockey
action in the background. They will come back next week to an empty arena to shoot the dialogue scenes.Starring Alice Eve (“Starter for 10”) and Jay Baruchel (“Knocked Up” and “Tropic Thunder”), the movie centers on an average guy who works at the airport and becomes involved with a gorgeous girl who is “out of his league.”

Uh oh, we all remember what happened the last time a movie was shot inside the arena

Paul Steigerwald's finest hour? Yes

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1) So will one of the actors suddenly be thrust into the game? LOL It was a dumb movie but Suddden Death it still a fun flick to watch. If nothig else for the nostalgia of seeing those old Penguin/Hawks teams/players.