Sunday, March 2, 2008

THE Tang puts Pittsburgh in 1st place

For a day, at least.

Picture not from today, natch

Stat line of the day: 23:58 played, 1 goal to go along with 5 shots on goal (plus two more blocked and one that missed the net), 2 hits and 6 takeaways....

Take a bow, Ryan Malone.

Back to back afternoon games in separate cities are perhaps the toughest challenge for a professional hockey player, especially coming off a crushing loss from a rival in such a heated contest. The Pens did what it took today and got the 2 points.

Next up, a rare breather for a day before a dreaded Florida trip to take on Tampa and Miami. It's been announced that Sidney Crosby WILL make the trip, although he hasn't committed to playing in either game. But no doubt a good sign.

Reinforcements like Crosby and Marian Hossa for a team that's already at the top of the Eastern Conference ledger? What a time to be alive.


Doc Nagel said...

Absolutely monster game from Malone. I'm so pleased; he's been a favorite since he started with the Pens during the time of which we dare not speak.

But seriously, am I alone in perceiving that he's been loads better since getting the A? Maybe that was the vote of confidence he needed to get his game together? In any case, it's great to see him play so well. Good times, indeed.

Hooks Orpik said...

25 points in the past 25 games for Bugsy.

As always there's a lot of factors for Malone's success: meshing so well with Sykora and Malkin has to be up there, but also he's a new dad for the first and is playing for a new contract. Getting the 'A' is on there too.

It's been about the perfect storm for Malone over the past 25 games.