Sunday, March 23, 2008

Darcy Robinson spike

One of the things that the editor of this blog is most proud about is probably the Darcy Robinson post. It was a visceral and instant reaction to a player who's zest for hockey and life probably reflects our own. It's the #1 google search result for Mr. Robinson, and though this blog likes to remain humble and relatively obscure, we like that it is #1 in that for Darcy. It sure beats having Brandon Sudgen beat the crap out of you (after a long shift and a lucky shot, we might add).

Anyways, Pittsburgh's Wilkes-Barre Scranton affiliate had a tribute to Robo at Saturday night's game and google searches have gone crazy. So welcome to all. We hope you'll laugh and remember the good times and spirit he had.

Apologies for no posts this holiday weekend, we'll try to climb back on that horse tomorrow....If you haven't heard, the Penguins won a game of huge magnitude in a fairly impressive manner.

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