Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hockey: a team sport

Sorry for no in-depth recap today boys and girls, but you know what happened. Some quick thoughts:

--Hockey remains a team sport. So even with high end talent like Crosby and Hossa as scratches the Penguins TEAM stepped it up. And tallied seven goals.

--14 of the 18 skaters recorded at least a point for the Pens. Impressive.

--Evgeni Malkin isn't piling up the points like he was last month, but he's still been the best player on the ice almost every night. Except, you know, in the faceoff circle.

--Every team should be forced to watch Pittsburgh/Buffalo games...Jacques Lemaire and Lou Lamoriello might have heart attacks but it's the way hockey should be played; aggressive, fat pace, back and forth, lots of excitement, lots of skating, lots of chances, and yes, lots of goals.

--This capped off a season sweep of the Sabres, if you're keeping track. Ty Conklin got the wins in all four games too, pretty much owning the team he finished the season with.

--This win momentarily bumps the Pens up to #1 in the East, although the Devils are just one point back (and with a game in hand).



1) Love games like that! None of that boring up and down, no scoring chances crap we've been seeing too often the past decade.
2) Lots of scoring chances/hits, etc.! BTW the rest of the league better take notice that the pens are NOT just one or even 2 players and a supporting cast. They have a so many talented players that winning the East (regular season AND playoffs) would NOT be a surprise!
3) BTW the Georges' hit didn't look so bad when it happened. Then Paetsch went down like he was shot. Have seen much worse than that that the player didn't even go down. Talk about a glass jaw!

Hooks Orpik said...

Faux, I can just feel your enthusiam popping off the screen. But, of course, I think you're right on this.

Could be something special once Crosby, Hossa, Roberts and even Scuderi return for the playoffs.