Friday, March 21, 2008


Usually around here when we mention Jarkko Ruutu it's in disgust for all the penalties he takes. Well, time to give the devil his due, Ruutu played his best game as a Penguin last night.
Ruutu's goal last night (off a Brooks Orpik (!!!) rebound) was his 4th of the year. Modest, to be sure, but Ruut's scored 4 goals in the past 16 games. While certainly not a world-beating accomplishment, production like that will go a long ways towards helping in the playoffs.
Five fighting majors too. Before he came to Pittsburgh I thought Ruutu was some kind of punk that would run around and hit people but then turtle and refuse to drop the gloves coughbrendanwittcough. Hasn't been the case at all.
Ruutu's effort has been awesome. If he can keep it up that would be just great. With the energy he brings and the physicality it's definitely fun as a fan whenever he's on the ice.

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