Friday, April 11, 2008

Clement, Clement, Hands of Cement

We're not saying Bill Clement is biased towards any one team (flyers) but we think if the Pens were playing Philadelphia in the first round he might have flipped his analysis a little...

As you know, game two tonight for the Pens and it will be an important one. Sorry we are pressed for time so there will be no big game preview here. Check you usual sources (The Pensblog, Empty Netters) for better coverage.

There's no real news; Gary Roberts is still a beast, Marc-Andre Fleury's more confident than ever and things are going well for the Pens. For Ottawa, the most noteworthy news item is probably they're tinkering with lines; putting the gritty and veteran force of Martin Lapointe up on Line 1 with the big boys and bumping rookie Nick Foligno up to Line 2 for a little more skill there.

Tune back in for a full recap.

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