Friday, April 4, 2008

Daniel Carcillo drops Krys Barch

For those that don't like seeing a man get knocked TFO, don't watch this..

Daniel Carcillo is a wildman. In a way, we're happy he got a chance to play for a team like Phoenix where he could be in the NHL. If he was still in Pittsburgh, he'd probably be in the Ryan Stone/Jon Filewich category of prospects buried in a deep organization.


rosco said...

i was at the game and shot some video as well. check out carcillo's antics in the penalty box:

Hooks Orpik said...

That's some great video rosco, awesome seats too!

Carcillo has said he'll tone it down next season and not get 300+ penalty minutes again, but I remember him making almost the exact same statement after his 1st professional season when he got 300+ with the Baby Pens...

And the next season, before he was traded to Phoenix, Carcillo was on pace for 281 PIMs with Wilkes-Barre.

Even though he gets a lot of misconducts; I don't think it's a bad thing. It doesn't put the team down on a man-advantage (just limits Carcillo's potential icetime) and Danny C is better when left untamed and allowed to run around and do his thing. He's a very emotional, high-spirited and fired up player. To make him go out and not risk geting penalties would be to neutralize what he brings to the table.

It's a shame most folks in the East probably don't get to see him that much. Carcillo reminds me a lot of Matthew Barnaby but he has the pure speed and skating ability of a guy like Buffalo's Maxim Afinogenov. It's a wonderful combination to watch Carcillo wind it up and play every shift leaving it all out there.