Sunday, April 6, 2008

Throwaway game means it's Ottawa

Sidney Crosby sat Game 82 out, and Gary Roberts and Kris Beech (sigh) got a game in so now the Pens look like they should be at about full strength personnel wise.

We wouldn't read too much into today's Philadelphia outcome. They were the hungier team today; largely out of need. Plus it was only a 1-0 result (with an empty netter tacked on)...A couple better bounces, or you know with that Crosby guy in the lineup and the outcome could have been reversed.

Now the focus turns to Ottawa. Last year at this time Pittsburgh was the young up-starts and the Sens still had that post-season stigma on them. The story of the rematch will probably be how Ottawa fell throughout the course of the season and the availability of important players like captain Daniel Alfredsson and Mike Fisher; two of their best playoff performers.

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