Thursday, April 24, 2008

Predicting the other series

For first round predictions we were a pretty respectable 6-2, including a perfect 4-0 record in the Eastern Conference, which are the games naturally that we follow more closely. We'll be the first to admit our insight doesn't translate that well outside of the Eastern Time Zone.

In the post below is our Penguins series preview and prediction (which you can probably predict) so let's get to the other matchups.

Eastern Conference:

Montreal Canadiens v. Philadelphia Flyers

After sneaking by the Caps in a thrilling yet physical series, one has to wonder how much Philly has left in the tank. Montreal also got taken to the limit by Boston, but we just get the feeling that the Habs are getting the wind into their sails while it took all of the Flyers' effort to make it to this point.

Series key: Montreal's speed up front versus the Philadelphia backline

Prediction: Montreal in 5

Western Conference

Detroit Red Wings v. Colorado Avalanche

Oh to the days when this would have guaranteed blood. The rivalry may have simmered lately as most the players involved in it's hey-day are gone, but we get the feeling that this could boil back into the fiercest series this round. Colorado, when healthy, presents more challenges than the usual #6 seed. But Detroit just seems like a machine, taking care of business in a workman-like fashion. Nothing fancy, nothing exciting, just results at the end of the day.

Series key: Colorado (read: Peter Forsberg's) health and which Jose Theodore shows up

Prediction: Detroit in 6

San Jose Sharks v. Dallas Stars

Of all the series we could see going either way, it's probably this one. The convential pick (as the always are) would be the Sharks. On paper they have all the talent and all the pieces a team needs. But games are not played on paper. A scrappy Calgary team took SJ to the limit. The way Dallas played in the first round, they would have beaten San Jose. Strangely, sentimentally we find ourselves drawn to seeing this last hurrah of Jeremy Roenick go on a little longer.

Series key: The Sharks staying consistent and solving Marty Turco
Prediction: Dallas in 7

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