Monday, April 14, 2008

Game 3 view: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

We were going to call this a "preview" but considering the game is about to start, it doesn't seem fair. Apologies to our readers for not much in the way of updates this weekend; one of our best old friends made an impromtu trip from Florida and the editor of this blog was more concerned about finding affordable game 2 Caps tickets and hanging out then blogging. But thanks for stopping by.

The most obvious change for the Penguins tonight, will obviously be the venue, with the game coming from Kanata and not Pittsburgh. But there other intesting differences.
  • First and foremost, rumors are swirling that Daniel Alfreddson (who was said to be out "weeks" about 1 week ago) will Willis-Reed-it-up and try to inspire his troops with a valiant comeback.
  • Hmm, wonder why no Pittsburgh media member said that maybe a Penguin can test Alfie's rumored bruised/broken ribs by taking a tomahawk chop to them? What a joke.
  • Jason Spezza didn't practice yesterday and there was a rumor that he was hurt with an unspecified leg injury. But Spezza says he will play tonight.

Again, the key is going to be weathering the storm. Ottawa's going to be pumped up playing at home and there crowd is going to be going crazy in the early going. If Ottawa can get the first goal, you'll hear the fimiliar "Fleu-reee, Fleu-reee" chants and that quick start could even turn around the series.

Going up 3 games to 0 though is a huge opportunity. All the other EC matchups are 2-1 or 1-1, and some of them look like they could be quite the long, grinding 6 or 7 game series that zap so much out of the survivor. Quickly dispatching the Sens would be a huge edge for the Pens.

Us to talking about a prolonged break this time of year is simpler than it is for the Pens to go out and do it, so let's see what happens. Quick recap here after the game, we promise!

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