Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sidney Crosby: not a goal scorer?

So says TSN talking head Darren Dreger, with our main criticism of his "blog" being:

Crosby isn't a shooter, which is why the Penguins acquired Marian Hossa, a winger capable of feeding off Crosby's creativity.
Uhh Darren, the reason the Penguins swung for the fences to get Hossa was because Crosby would be playing with wingers like Colby Armstrong or (natural center) Maxime Talbot otherwise.

Sidney's supporters would love to see him develop a selfishness most goal scorers have to shoot more and pass less.

Failing that, a tad more finish around the net will be required to push this 20 year old superstar in to the group of "great" goal scorers.

Crosby scored 120 goals in 121 regular season games in juniors. That doesn't happen at that level if you're not looking to pulling the trigger or don't have a good shot.

Further, in this injury riddled season, SC is 19th in the league this year in goals per game (minimum 50 games). While not Ovechkin or Kovalchuk numbers, neither of them have the vision or playmaking ability Sid brings to the table. Crosby also averages 3.2 shots per game, which if you look at the area which usually shoots from, you'd see it's high percentage scoring zones. Crosby's 13.2% shooting percentage is better than Vincent Lecavalier, Eric Staal, Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk, Rick Nash and Olli Jokinen to name a few....All of which, given this argument, Dreger would probably rather have rushing the puck into the zone before Crosby.

Folks that don't think Sidney Crosby is a dangerous goal scorer don't see many Penguins games. He uses his speed to split defensemen and then looks to shoot more often that not. But when passing lanes are open and his vision senses someone else can make a play, he will dish it; that's why he's got 194 career assists in 212 games.

when it comes to burying those grade A chances, Crosby gets the A for average.

Ha, and we used to think Dan Aykroyd and Jim Carrey were the funniest comedians from Canada.



1) Thats an idiotic assertion/observation to make. Sure Crosby will probably always get more helpers than goals, but he is a VERY gifted goal scorer.
2) Its akin to saying that Caps forward Alex Ovechkin is a puck hog and doesn't possess play making ability despite his assist totals

The Peerless said...

Crosby has 97 goals in 212 NHL games...that's a 38 goal/season pace. He is not a "shooter," in the sense of a Hull, a Bure, or even an Ovechkin.

What he is, is a "scorer." He has the ability to find spots that are -- for him -- high probability goal-scoring areas (perching himself low to the goalie's left seems a favorite).

He's not often going to wind and fire or snap a wrister that will cause jaws to drop in wonder. What he'll do is appear in a void somewhere, take a pass (or get a rebound) and score.

It's just a different way of getting to the same result.

Hooks Orpik said...

Good points. I like where you're going with that, Peerless. Crosby isn't an elite shooter like Ovechkin, Heatley or Kovalchuk but he still is a goal scorer.

If healthy, I think he could easily score 40 goals a season. It's hard to say someone who does that at the NHL level isn't a gifted goal scorer.