Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let's go to the circus...

It's time to talk about a clown. As usual, someone beat us to the punch, we were going to recap this stupid journalist saga of Ottawa's Don Brennan but James Mirtle (M.D) already did. It's a good recap and everything we would have said.

We didn't bring up what started this entire mess (Brennan saying a Senator should intent to injure Sidney Crosby's ankle), because it's not worth mentioning. Our Canadian buddies tell us that Brennan is largely considered a joke north of the border so why bother...

However, the store starts getting good when Georges Laraque rightfully calls this moron "stupid" when a Pittsburgh reported relays the theory. That should have been that, but Brennan decides to be Johnny Big Balls and write in his next article that BGL should say it to his face.

Well, Georges did today. First of all, even on the internet we don't think it's wise to dare a 6'3, 260 pound man that uses his fists for a living to say anything to your face. Second, why would you type something like that, knowing it's going to get back to him? Lucky for Brennan, there were tons of witnesses around and that's ALL Laraque did was call him stupid to his face. So what's Mister Reporter going to do now?

Continue being a joke

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1) Now THAT would have been a Kodak moment to see! Little swarmy Brennan 'getting his' from big Georges.
2) As we wrote on Mirtle yesterday: If a blogger had made such idiotic statements they would have been an example of why 'they'(bloggers) need to be segregated from the 'real' mainstream press.