Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2 Quick Hits and Game 8 Preview

1)It was pointed out to me if you do a google search for "recchi stinks" this blog is the first thing that pops up. And I haven't even been openly critical of him yet!

2)Another measure of Sidney Crosby's growing greatness: since getting shutout opening night, he's on a 6 game point scoring streak (for his current season total of 2 goals, 7 assists) and it hasn't even been mentioned once!

Rangers and old friend Jammer Jagr are in town tonight, if the Penguins can break an early trend and not give up the first goal they should be able to jump all over a Rangers team that hasn't really gelled just yet (as their 2-4-1 record would indicate). The Rangers will be a team in the hunt later in the year (think how poor Ottawa started last year), so let's just hope tonight isn't the night they get the ball rolling on that.

Pens 5 (winner by Recchi...see he doesn't totally stink!)
Rags 2

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